Hello Edmodo

Since I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate technology into the classroom, I was very excited to hear about this new free site called Edmodo. A teacher I work with went to a conference where they learned how to use it in the classroom (Thank you Debbie, for sharing this information!). It seems like a great tool to use, and since I'm trying to help my kiddos become computer literate, I signed up right away. It seems very similar to facebook, but you create a private group that only your class can access. I think it might be a great communication tool to use with both students and parents. Also, students don't have to have an email address to sign in. If you're interested, the Edmodo Guide takes you through all of the features.

Has anyone tried Edmodo with their classes? My concerns about things like this are always the same. Will the students take it seriously? Will it just become "one more thing?" (you teachers out there know what I mean when I say this) What about the students who don't have computer access at home?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. If you have not heard, Edmodo just came out with a free app for those who have an iPhone and those who do not. Check out the app at http://blog.edmodo.com/2010/06/25/edmodo-iphone-app/.

  2. Thanks Jenn! That is great to know... I'm just in the first stages of looking into it. I forget that I have access to a technology expert, soon-to-be Ph.D! Miss and love you!