There's always tomorrow, right?

As I sit here drinking coffee, listening to music, and contemplating whether or not I should have even started a blog (my hands sweat when I think about drawing attention to myself), I begin to wonder where to begin in my planning for next year. The easy answer is to go to Office Depot and buy a lot of stuff. School supplies always make me happy, but alas, that is not the appropriate first step. If you haven't shopped at an office supply store lately, let me tell you that everything costs a small fortune. This is especially troublesome if you are like me and suffer from extreme buyer's remorse (even as I type this, my mind is consumed by the contents of a Stein Mart bag that need to be returned. I really do not need anything else purple that ties around the waist. Really I don't.)

Also, the cycle of guilt continues when I buy cute, pricey school supplies only to find that the students have ruined them in a matter of moments. I get angry with them, only to then get angry with myself for getting angry with them. If you've read The First Days of School by Harry Wong (what self-respecting teacher hasn't? Thank you Jennifer Nelson for giving me this book. You have unknowingly saved my life and the lives of many innocent students) then you know that students need explicit directions on how to use EVERYTHING in the classroom. Assume that fifth graders know how to use glue and scissors? Never! You only make this mistake once, and once the bloody, Elmer's glue mixture has been peeled off multiple surfaces with your bare hands (I know, I know, it really is enjoyable to squirt Elmer's glue on things, watch it dry, and peel it off) you realize a couple of things. First of all, you should probably go back and read Harry Wong again. Second of all, you realize that this job is hard and that you're not ever going to think of everything.

Okay, maybe I won't get started today. I still have 6 weeks left anyway, right? I guess for now I'll keep drinking coffee and listening to music. I'll leave you with this YouTube video that I can't get enough of. I first heard this song sung by The Songbirds, a band from Knoxville that just happens to be led by Daniel's cousin, Lisa Speck. She is incredibly talented and I encourage you to go hear them if you're ever in K-town. I didn't realize until recently how many Dixie Chicks songs were actually Patty Griffin covers, so I was very excited to see the fabulous Natalie Maines singing harmony in this video. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Linda. I love your blog and glad to see you are learning about technology integration. A good site you might want to visit is

    I am glad the Wong book helped. It was my life saver my first year of school. Keep up the good work!