Glogster EDU

Anybody using Glogster EDU? I ran across this tool the other day, and I think it could be a pretty amazing way for students to show their learning. Since I might be asking students to use it, I figured I better give it a try myself. You can see my cheesy little attempt below. It looks pretty good, right? Literally took me 10 minutes. And I'm not good at creative, cutesy stuff at all.

All you do is drag the boxes, stickers, tiles, etc. you want on the screen and you can click on them to edit and add text. You also get to choose your background, add music, links, video, podcasts, voice recording, etc. etc. etc.

I didn't get that fancy. I'm actually still not entirely sure what a podcast is, but I felt cool talking about it. Isn't it just a voice recording? Meh. My point is you should try Glogster. Make sure you do the EDU version if you're going to try it with a class. You can register (free!) and the students can sign in on your account. Also, I think the regular version may be a little shady. There seems to be a lot of emo, sad, weird stuff going on there.

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