Getting Back on the Grid

I have officially gone off the grid. You know how people talk about going off the grid to get away from technology? I have done the exact opposite. While going off the grid from other human beings has its perks (you don't have to shower, brush your teeth, change clothes, go outside, etc.) it also has downsides.

Ailments I now have since I began blogging, tweeting, and sitting at the computer all day every day:
  • permanently numb right arm
  • permanently numb bottom
  • lower back pain
  • vision shifting in and out of focus
  • possible seasonal affective disorder- caused by sitting in the dark, blinds drawn, with the air conditioning cranked up
  • many stained shirts - from eating while typing
  • creaky phone voice - I sound asleep when I answer the phone and I'm not sure why. Then I realize that I haven't spoken a word in 8 hours or so.
  • I think my dog is becoming depressed as well. I'm cramping his style by being home all day. Also, the primary place he wants to sit is in my lap. He's plotting revenge against the laptop as we speak.
I've got to find some balance. While, yes, there are a lot of resources to be found, and discussions to be had, a girl needs to enjoy her summer. Well, she at least needs to clean the house, grocery shop, and catch up on laundry. I'm also going out tonight with my husband and some friends. Hopefully I will remember how to act!

Let me leave you with an essay that I reminds me to act fast before I become one of those Wall-E hover round people.

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