Just for Fun

I found some fun new apps today and I thought I would share them. Some are really silly, but I can see how they would be fun for 10/11 year olds (my demographic). The first one is Loonapix. All you do is upload a picture from your computer and you can create some pretty crazy stuff. Here are a few that I created. Seriously, this takes 2 seconds.

Photo Effects. Graffiti

Photo Effects. Christmas Decoration

Photo Effects. Football Fan

Don't you just love that last one? British footballers are really into Daniel and me if you haven't heard. Another fun photo editing site I ran across is Picnik. It is a little more useful for adults and it's also totally free. The possibilities are endless. I took the same picture and edited it like this:

Finally, the app that I'm probably the most excited about is fodey.com. Here you can create your own newspaper clipping, create your own clapper board message, or create your own ninja text.

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