Will you get reimbursed for all that stuff??

This is what my precious husband asked me yesterday. I just smiled and changed the subject.

Time is ticking away. School is starting in less than 3 weeks. I've actually gotten a lot accomplished this past week, and I'm feeling sort of, maybe, kinda, a little, vaguely ready for school to start.

I organized my classroom library, which was a total mess, and I inherited and bought some super cute furniture for the students to lounge on while they're reading. This is a futile exercise because it will be destroyed in a month, but I'm excited about it for now.

I also went to a really fun workshop today about digital storytelling, but I'm going to share more about that once I get a better handle on it myself. Right now I'm looking for some old digital cameras for my class. Does anyone have any old cameras they'd like to donate? A long shot I know! Was that a pun? Yikes. Also, does anyone know of any grants to apply for to get digital cameras?

For now I want to share with you some of my exciting finds. If you're like me, you see something you like/need and instantly forget where you saw it. In my trips to Wal-Mart, Target, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Rite-Aid, Big Lots, Office Depot, Fred's, Hobby Lobby, and Party City (whew!) I seem to never be able to find what I'm looking for. This week the stars have aligned and I have actually found some of these elusive items.

Well, I guess this is another pun, but I'm really excited about these star shaped magnets I found at the Dollar Tree. I'm doing sort of a Hollywood, movie theme this year so these magnets were perfect. It may not seem like it, but plain magnets of this size are very hard to come by. They also had hearts this same size and bigger stars and bigger hearts. I think I'm going to number the magnets and use them for my lunch count system this year. I considered doing stars for boys and hearts for girls, but I remembered being told in school that you should never "genderize" the students (I may have just made that word up, but you get the point). I also figure numbers will change throughout the year as students come and go. You don't want to be the new boy who gets stuck with the heart shaped magnet. Scarred for life.

I also found some "welcome" decorations that fit my theme. You know, you put stuff out in the hallway that says "my classroom is inviting" and "look how much fun we're going to have this year" and "don't get too excited, I'm strict and we're not going to have toooooo much fun." That being said, I'm not sure if I'm going to use all these things, but last year I looked for things like this and never found them! It became this sort of holy grail-esque search so now I'm buying this stuff up like crazy. Here are some things I found at Party City.

I bought a "Lights, Camera, Action" bulletin board set at Teaching Things in Trussville as well as little mini, sparkly directors boards (the things they snap closed and say "action!"). I think I'm going to write their names on these and put them in the hallway because everyone likes to see their name written somewhere!

My final purchase, and one that I'm probably most excited about is this tall director's chair. The chair I have right now is pretty wobbly and I just don't think breaking my chair the first few weeks of school is the impression I want to make on these young minds. I found this chair and I ordered it with black canvas. I might get it monogrammed, but I'm not sure yet. That might just be a little too much. Besides, is that weird to have something monogrammed for yourself? Hmmm... Also, this chair is $15-$20 cheaper than ones they sell at Target that have gotten this review:

We ordered four of these chairs for the back row of our home theater. After assembling them all during the Florida-Alabama game I sat in one to take in the second quarter. Within minutes I was picking myself up off the floor after the chair snapped and I slammed the back of my my head off the wall. To give you frame of reference and prevent someone else from getting hurt, it's not like I'm huge at 6'1" and 200 lbs.

I thought oh, that doesn't apply to me. Then I read the next review:

Nice looking chairs but broke two in the first week by just sitting on them. I weight about 150 lbs and my friend weighs about 180 and the wood on both chair rails broke.

Basically, I'm going to break my cheapy chair in front of my entire class in less time than these people. Oh well, it looks cute.

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  1. hi! donorschoose.org is a website that you can post projects for your classroom. you could solicit anything, but your digital cameras would be great!