Word Clouds

I designed this cute word cloud in Wordle to put on my class website. You choose the words you want to use, and the words that you list more frequently appear bigger in the word cloud. You can also just copy and paste a website and Wordle will choose the words from there. It's totally free to create one, but I think the site is designed for you to either print the word cloud or share it on their website. I had to save mine as a pdf which kind of limits how I can use it. Oh well, it's cute!

As I was designing this one, I started to think of the different ways I could use word clouds in the classroom. Here are some of my ideas so far:

  • Have students create a word cloud of character traits about a character we are studying.
  • Create one using the week's vocabulary words
  • Create one for each mode of writing
  • Create one to put at each learning center that includes the activities that students may choose to complete at that center
  • A first week of school activity-- Have students use a word cloud to describe themselves, including any hobbies, interests they might have. You could even cover the name and have the class guess whose word cloud it is. I think this would make a cute display in the hallway, don't you?

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to use this tool with our one lone student computer, but luckily we have an amazing computer lab teacher at our school who would probably let the students use this site during their computer lab time. On second thought, this site might be blocked at school, so we'll see.

I am amazed daily at how many free technology apps are available to teachers. I will continue to share things that I find, and I would love to hear about any of your new discoveries!


  1. How neat! I'll be teaching 5th grade this year and I think I'm going to try to incorporate this into a first week of school activity as well. I may let the kids write down some words first on paper and have it ready to type once they get to the computer to help things move a little quicker.

  2. I think that is a great idea to have them write down the words ahead of time. It will definitely move things along more quickly and it will give them a chance to check their spelling. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Love wordles and tagxedos! You can also download Jing (free) which can then take a snapshot of anything you surround (like cropping) on your screen. You can then either paste the selection or save it as a picture file. Makes word clouds just like any picture file, that can be pasted or resized as needed.

  4. I just found your blog and am now following it. I used wordle this year for open house. I had the kids write down 10 character traits about themselves and I typed them up, printed them out in color and backed them on color cardstock. I, then, hung them on the door and wall by the door for the parents to see. They loved it! I am going to have them laminated so the students can keep them.

  5. Marge,

    That is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing! I think I might have to "borrow" that one to use next year. :)

    Thanks for following!

  6. I posted my wordle on the wall. Cut out the letters and stuck them up there. Everyone loved it and expect to see it copied by others throughout the school next year!

  7. A great idea! Could be used for a display of those harder to understand science words. The engaging format would keep kids' attention. A mus tuse!