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The first 3 days of school have come and gone, and guess what? I survived. I actually think I did more than survive. Except for a few minor mishaps, the first week went really well. I'm not sure if all my summer planning was worthwhile, since most of the technology stuff I want to do is blocked on our computers at school. I am happy with our website attempt though, so hopefully it wasn't all for nothing.

One subject I'm still struggling to make interesting and fun is grammar. It's tempting to just kind of halfway teach grammar since it's not tested. However, I do not want my students going through life sounding like uneducated people who "ain't got no clue." I have to admit that I am no grammar expert. I frequently use incorrect grammar myself, especially when I get worked up about something. I'll bust out a "I done did that already!" like it's nothing. I try to monitor what I say to impressionable children, and I encourage you to correct me if you hear me saying something like starting a sentence with "Me and her" or talking about how "good" I'm doing today.

I have found a few exciting grammar resources that I'm going to share here. I'm still looking for more though, so if you have any please share!

Ten Grammar Games and Lesson Resources from Free Technology 4 Teachers

Grammaropolis described on iLearn Technology

Grammar Bytes

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