Get Classroom $$

Hello all! Sorry for the long absence. I have been thoroughly enjoying my break. Just got back from Puerto Rico with my family and about to leave to visit the husband's family. Tough life, I know.

During my down time today I finally submitted some projects to Donors Choose. I have felt like a real slacker for not posting any projects, but I was having trouble thinking of anything. I decided to start small and request some books and a magazine subscription. I'l try to post them on here if they get approved. Who can complain about not having enough classroom supplies when there are organizations like this around?

I also found a few grant opportunities on We Are Teachers that you teacher folk may be interested in. The first is from Crabtree Publishing and you submit an idea for how to use non-fiction to build literacy and comprehension skills. The second is from and it asks you to tell how you incorporate technology into lessons.

As I worked on these things today, I started to think about this blog. Why blog? Who is my audience? What am I writing about? Who cares? I'm not really sure about answers to any of these questions, but the plan is to keep pushing through to see where this thing takes me. Thanks for coming along.