Make Your Own Posters!

I discovered a really fun website today, and I thought I'd share. Block Posters lets you take any picture and blow it up any size you want. The great thing is that you don't need any special paper. Each part of your picture prints on a separate sheet of plain ole' copy paper and all you have to do is put the pieces together.

I decided to do this with my newly created Noise Levels chart I made. I created this chart using Microsoft Word, so I had to convert it to a JPEG before uploading it to Block Posters. I did this by first converting my Word document to a PDF (click "save as" and change the file extension from .doc to .pdf). Once you have your PDF open, go to "File" and "screen shot". You can then select the part of the document that you want to convert into a JPEG. Once it is selected, copy it and paste it into a Word document. You can then right click on the image and save it as a .jpeg.

Okay, real computer people out there are probably laughing at me, because I'm sure there is an easier way to go about this. That's okay.

You can then upload your photo to Block Posters. On the middle of their homepage click where it says "click here to start." Then browse to find the picture you want to turn into a poster. You then choose how many pages you want your poster to be and whether you want it oriented vertically or horizontally. Here's what I decided for mine.

I am excited to know that I can blow up posters for free at home! How much fun would this have been as a teenager? I also decided to redo my class rules and my reading comprehension strategy posters today to fit with the rest of the Hollywood theme I have going. Have you discovered anything new you're excited about using in the classroom this year?


  1. Thanks for your comment! I am a huge fan of TBA. I'm honored that you stopped by!

  2. This is cool! Thanks for sharing. I teach 5th grade too so i am going to def enjoy reading/stalking your ideas!

  3. Hi Lindsay,

    Thanks for checking out my blog! It's nice to have other fifth grade teachers out there to share ideas with. I have been enjoying reading/stalking your blog too! :)

  4. Thanks! I've been looking for this site...I saw a teacher making a huge poster and they said they couldn't remember the site (yeah, right). I'm excited about using Homeworkopoly (looks like a Monopoly board, kids get to play every Friday after turning in all their hw for the week.

    Kay, 3rd Grade

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