9/11: Ten Years Later

Well, it turns out this long weekend has turned into a really long weekend. Storms yesterday caused many of the schools in our district to lose power. So, here I sit on a Tuesday afternoon trying to be productive.

Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I have already been discussing this some with my students, because this anniversary is significant for them. 9/11 is an event that has marked their entire lives since it took place the year most of them were born. Here's what I'm planning to do.

I found this free Brain Pop video that does a great job of explaining the significance of 9/11 in kid-friendly terms. I also found this great list of 9/11 lessons and activities from Scholastic. I especially like the lesson that has each student write a poem, write a letter, or draw a picture on a "quilt" square. I plan on doing this and putting all the squares onto a poster to make a class quilt to go in our classroom or in the hallway.

I also hope to use this activity to create our first digital story of the year. I want to either use Photo Story 3 or Little Bird Tales to have students upload their pictures and record their poems and letters. I'm thinking something similar to our Titanic Poetry video from last year. Here are a few more resources I found that might be useful.

Interactive 9/11 Timeline

9/11 Memorial Lesson Plans

What is everyone else planning on doing to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11?


  1. thank you SO much for this post - I'm an 8th grade history teacher and coming from elementary I really wanted to dig deeper into remembering 9/11 this year. I have found so much inspiration from your links - you are awesome!


  2. Thanks! I just checked out your blog, and I have to say that you're pretty awesome yourself! I love your photos. I can also relate to your philosophy. Every summer I try to become a little more "domesticated". Thank goodness for husbands who aren't afraid to do house work! :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas!

  4. Thanks for the idea. I will show the video to my class on monday and have a discussion about 9/11. Most of them were born that year so it might be a pretty powerful connection for them to make.