Science Units

Happy Saturday everyone! I just finished updating my science page on our fifth grade school website, and I thought I would share. These are the units that we cover in science, so hopefully some of you other upper elementary teachers out there have a similar curriculum.

Ecosystems Unit - In this unit, we study plants, animals, biomes, adaptations, and we build ecocolumns! Students also complete an at home biome project using a file folder. Here's a link if you'd like to look at a slide show of last year's projects. We will be finishing up this unit this week.

Human Body Unit - I'm thinking of having groups complete some type of Power Point or Prezi on the different body systems when we do this unit. We also have a lot of fun singing the "Bones Song"!

Microworlds Unit - We study cells and lenses during this unit. Students complete cell projects (we even had a rap last year!), and we make edible cells using jello and candy. Yum!

Chemistry Unit - We study states of matter, chemical changes, and acids and bases in this unit. I'm still looking for some great resources to use when teaching acids and bases. Any suggestions?

Variables Unit - This is an awesome opportunity for students to design and conduct experiments in the classroom. It is a challenging but fun unit.

Solar Energy Unit - We do this unit right before school gets out. It is nice to be able to go outside for many of the investigations!

I'd love to know what everyone else is planning on studying in science this year!


  1. Motion Unit - when learning Newton's Laws of Motion, my students do a project on all 3 laws.
    Visual students make a poster or Glogster.
    Musical students make up a song.
    Verbal students make a story book and my Kinesthetic students make a ballon racer.

  2. Your units are great! I will be teaching science this year for the first time. I am "self-contained" meaning I will teach all subjects this year instead of just RLA and S.S. I found a great physical science plan at Have you ever checked them out? I love the studyjamz! :)

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  4. I love the science units you have shared. I am always looking for new and fun science lessons to include into my units.