Tornado Relief

I know, long time no post. Testing + end of the school year = little time for blogging. Little did I know on Wednesday that the entire state would be rocked by terrible tornadoes. I have heard from all but one of my co-workers who are all fine. I'm now worried that my students may have been affected. It's strange to jump from being busy and occupied at school to sitting at home for four straight days. Apparently, there are still many schools in the county with no electricity or water. Some schools are not even accessible. We are going to be out again on Monday, and then I guess we will see if they are able to repair enough damage for us to go back on Tuesday.

I know I should be out trying to help with the clean up effort. I really should. I should not be sitting here redesigning my blog (don't you love my new background?), but I am. I just found a list of ways you can help people who are suffering. Click here for the link. I'm about to take a look myself.