July 19, 2012

Hey Girl.

I know I am probably the last person on Earth to see the "hey girl teacher" meme, but just in case I'm not...



These just have to make you smile, don't they? If you have a moment and you would like a good laugh, click here to read a blog post from Hyperbole and a Half. I think you will find that you like it "alot" better than this post! :)




Jordon, The Messy One said...

The "Hey Girl" pictures CRACK ME UP! They were definitely a pick me up when I was feeling blue earlier this year!

Linda Dunnavant said...

Haha, I figured I was the last person out there to discover these! :) Speaking of cracking up, I love your picture that shows up beside your comment! Yay for Kitchen-aid mixers!


I love those. So cute! I found your blog from Fifth Grade flock and I'm your newest follower!

Linda Dunnavant said...

Thanks Emily! I am headed over to check out your blog right now. Thanks for stopping by!

miss macri said...

ok, those totally just cracked me up, and clearly you aren't the last one to see these, because they are new to me!!! thanks for sharing, two of my favorite things in this post, ryan & teaching, talk about success!!!

Linda Dunnavant said...

I know, right? Doesn't get any better than that!

Danielle Irons said...

Hi Linda,

You aren't the last one to see these! Way too cute :) Made me smile. I just found your blog and I love it. I am your newest follower and I have grabbed your button for my new blog. I would love if you would come check it out!


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