Why I'm Glad My Baby Doesn't Sleep

Time really flies when you're not sleeping having fun. Usually this time of the year, I am starting to stress over upcoming standardized tests. This year, I am without a care in the world. Can I tell you why?

I am the proud mother to a little 8 month old who is 20+ pounds of pure sugar. I love this little boy, especially when he is looking like a little distinguished gentleman.

Here he is channeling the "World's Most Interesting Man".

I am so lucky this kid hates to sleep. I know you're wondering how this can be. I'll tell you as long as you promise not to get too jealous of me. Here we go.

1) I have been able to perfect my rocking skills. It is really a learned talent to be able to rock hard enough to soothe a baby without banging into the wall behind you. Also, I have figured out how to lay baby boy vertically down my body since he's too long to fit across horizontally without bending his legs. I can't wait to add "rocking aficionado" to my resume. 

2) I get to sleep listening to the loudest white noise machine known to man. I'm not sure if the white noise helps baby boy's sleep that much, but it soothes me as I lay in bed at 3am holding a baby who's WIDE awake while listening to a snoring husband and whining dogs. Sometimes the train will even go by. Pure bliss.

3) I get to check Facebook A LOT. And at all hours of the day/night. Jealous yet? I have found that baby boy will go to sleep faster/easier if I hold him without making eye contact. I pretend that I'm asleep, and then as soon as his eyes start to close... bam! I get out my phone and I am reading statuses like there's no tomorrow. It is really awesome. Really, really awesome. I'll start to think, "Maybe I'll just hold him for a few more minutes so that he's really in a deep sleep when I lay him down." Ten minutes of good facebooking go by. I get up to lay him down, and as soon as that sweet head hits the bed... yep. He's awake again. So, we go back to the chair and do it all over again. I get to read, to the second(!), about what people are having for dinner that night. Oh yeah.

4) Once he makes it clear that he is most certainly not going to sleep, I get to relax and nom on his fat cheeks.

I have been so inspired by the fantastic Sarah who blogs at Nurshable. She has put words to everything that I have felt about baby boy's sleep (or lack thereof). I am fine to "wait it out" until he's ready to sleep for longer stretches. Until then I am going to keep enjoying the cuddles.


  1. So smart. Mine are 8 and 10 mow, and I wish I had realized how little it mattered in the scheme of things. We all end up sleeping eventually!

  2. Thank you! I have decided it's better to just relax and ride it out. My stress over the situation was certainly not helping!

    I love the title of your blog! I'm headed over there to check it out!

  3. Wow.... this brought back memories, except I had two of them!!! My twins are now 15 and, like the Wild Rumpus, I wish I would have realized to chill out a bit. You have the right attitude. Totally enjoy it while you can because it does go by too quickly!!

    My Journey to 5th Grade

  4. Your little one is so precious!!!

    I actually found your blog because I just found out I'm jumping up from 2nd grade to 5th - scary!! I am a little nervous, but am excited for all that 5th graders can do.

    I just posted about it... if you have a minute, would you mind sharing some advice?? Thank youu :)


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  7. I just loved your post! The irony of my story? My boys are 20 and 17 and my daughter is 5 and we just learned (a bit late in the game) she has 40% hearing loss is both ears! The funny part is the first night after learning this I asked her if I could turn UP her music at bedtime (you know, the music CD my husband I can now write the sheet music to because we have heard it every night for 5 years)!! ... My daughter replied "What music"!!!!!!! Well, even though the husband and I comforted ourselves to sleep for 5 years listening to this freakinCD, we know one day when hears it she will love it!

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